Nutritional intake after bariatric surgery (WLS)

Bariatric operations are life-changing events. The operation drastically reduces the amount of food that can be absorbed at any given time. The operation also drastically reduces the area in the stomach and intestines, which is available for absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream.

Immediately after the procedure, only thin fluids can be taken. Gradually the patient switches to thicker fluids and then from pureed food to soft food and finally back to well chewed normal food.

Stomach bypass surgery involves a reduction in absorption in the digestive tract. This reduction in absorption is part of the reason why weight reduction is faster than just following a diet. Absorption reduction is an important factor in many types of weight reduction surgery, such as Roux-en-Y and the Duodenal Switch.

Following bariatric surgery, it is usually impossible to obtain adequate amounts of vitamins and other nutrients from the diet. Taking a regular multivitamin supplement is a requirement for most patients.

Following surgery, do patients have to take vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their lives?

In many cases they do.  After weight reduction surgery, vitamin and mineral supplements are essential to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Shortages occur as a cause of reduced food intake and absorption reduction associated with the surgical procedures. The majority of patients undergoing weight reduction surgery will need a multivitamin supplement indefinitely.

The advice is to take a multivitamin supplement at least three weeks before surgery to prepare the body for the procedure. This can also help the body support a normal immune system.

Vitaminsprays are ideal for the bariatric patient

By means of vitaminsprays, the patient receives the required vitamins and other nutrients without the risk of dumping phenomena and/or outbreaks. Vitaminsprays are easy to use on a regular basis and are ingested as liquids, which are sprayed directly into the oral cavity where rapid absorption occurs via the oral mucosa as well as from the swallowed part.

The daily use of Spray Vitamins allows bariatric patients to provide themselves quickly, easily and effectively with the daily additional nutrient requirements.